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Counselling for Depression in Leeds

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Depression is much more than feeling unhappy for a few days, it is a persistent low mood that lasts for a long time and has a big impact everyday life.

The person-centred counselling I provide offers a helpful way for clients to explore, understand and manage their symptoms of depression.

Through my work in various roles to support those suffering from depression, I have developed a rich understanding of the negative ways it can affect people and how this can be alleviated. Some of this work has included: 

  • Supporting a caseload of clients with severe and enduring mental health difficulties to identify areas of their lives they would like to change, create goals aligned with this and helping them to work towards these.

  • Working with clients who are unemployed due to anxiety and depression to improve their employability skills with the goal of rejoining the job market.

  • Creating and facilitating a social group for 18-30 year-olds who experience mental health difficulties, many of whom suffered from depression.

Many clients choose to work with me to explore how depression is impacting their daily lives and think about ways in which they can make positive changes. This ongoing experience helps me to better understand and support clients in areas related to depression such as:

  • Dealing with a persistent low mood and inability to enjoy activities that used to feel positive.

  • Struggles with motivation and the impact this can have on work and home life.

  • Questioning whether it would be helpful to get medical advice/treatment for depression.

  • The impact their depression has on their personal relationships.

  • Feeling like it would be better not being here or using self-harm as a coping mechanism.

If you are suffering from depression or have experienced a persistent low mood for a long period of time and would like to access counselling, please get in touch for a free initial consultation.

Depression: About Me
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